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Matt Coben is an experienced professional who has demonstrated numerous skills in a wide variety of areas. He has built his career around placing the needs of others ahead of his own.

Currently, he serves as the Taproom Manager at the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, FL. This is a position that has challenged him in many ways, as he has garnered a significant amount of experience balancing multiple applications at the same time. He has developed strong relationships with his colleagues, learned how to manage different products and inventories, and operated a wide variety of marketing strategies to increase the profile of the Funky Buddha Brewery. In his current position, he has worked hard to keep the Funky Buddha Brewery ahead of its competitors. This has meant employing a wide variety of techniques, including traditional brick-and-mortar techniques alongside digital marketing strategies, to make sure people are aware of special events, new beers on tap, and changes in the operations of the Funky Buddha Brewery. It is this dedication to his current position that has made him one of the most trusted professionals in the industry. Furthermore, it has significantly increased the profile of the Funky Buddha Brewery, making it easier for the brewery to fill the seats and empty the kegs.

Even though Matt Coben is originally from the Charlotte area, he is living his dream in Florida. He has a significant passion for craft beer, along with the numerous flavors and possibilities this passion provides, and he gets to fill this at the Funky Buddha Brewery. At the same time, he has explored a wide variety of other passions as well. He understands the importance of maintaining physical health and mental health. That is why he works just as hard outside of the Funky Buddha Brewery as he does inside of it. In his free time, he can probably be found exploring one of the bike trails in the local area.

Sunshine and summertime abound in Florida, and that is something that Matt Coben certainly loves, as he tries to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible. There are countless miles of trails throughout Florida, and he can be found exploring them with his family members and friends. In addition, he has a number of other sports that he likes to explore as well. With the beautiful weather and unparalleled scenery in Florida, Matt Coben also loves to take to the golf course. There are a number of unique courses to play in Florida, and Matt Coben tries to spend as much time hitting golf balls as possible. This might include going to the driving range, swinging by a local Top Golf, or even playing 18 holes with some of his closest companions.

Furthermore, Matt Coben loves to spend time on the tennis court as well. Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Florida, and this is something that Matt Coben has taken up since he moved to the local area. There are numerous clubs and professional coaches who give lessons and run leagues, and there are even professional tournaments in Florida from time to time. Matt Coben loves to spend time on the tennis court, and he can even be profound playing pickleball, a sport that has become incredibly popular in Florida during the past few years. Both of these sports test strength, speed, and reflexes, so they are a great way for Matt Coben to not only spend time with the people he loves but also challenge himself in a new way.

Even though all of these accomplishments are impressive, Matt Coben truly loves getting back to the people who have helped him out along the way. For example, he is involved in a lot of local volunteer opportunities and generously gives his time to philanthropic efforts and charities in the local area. He organized a team for the 24 Hours of Booty annual bike event and became a top fundraiser, which raised a significant amount of money for charities in the local area. He also served on the local board of Child Care Services to make sure children in the local area have access to the resources they need. All of this is simply an extension of his time spent on the board for Levine JCC in Charlotte, where he spent time giving back to the Charlotte community as well.

When he isn't involved in one of these many volunteer opportunities, Matt Coben can probably be found volunteering with the local Habitat for Humanity branch. Finally, Matt Coben is also the father of three amazing kids. His journey as a father has been one of the most rewarding in his life, and he is incredibly proud of the accomplishments of his children. Even though it has been a challenge for him to balance his numerous professional obligations with his obligations as a father, he has found a way to do it all. Now, his kids are all successful, and Matt Coben spends time with his children while also giving back to the local community in Florida.


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